S6 EasySenseTM Disposable CGM System

No upfront fees

  • Pay-as-you-go monthly
  • Ideal for new CGM users

No extra receiver

  • Mobile app means freedom to monitor sensor at your convenience
  • Glucose information can be shared with loved ones anytime, anywhere

A tiny, flexible, hair-like sensor

  • Placed under the skin, yet completely unnoticeable
  • 7-day sensor life, 7-day continuous care
  • 720 sensor glucose readings per day

A compact and discreet transmitter

  • No risk of data loss
  • Records and fully uploads data automatically

Exceptionally accurate CGM

  • 9 % MARD (mean absolute relative difference)

Automated sensor insertion

  • Sensor inserted in a flash by the simple pressing of buttons
  • Virtually pain-free insertion

Waterproof design

  • It goes where you go: swimming, showering, etc.

Anytime Anywhere

Enjoy 24-hour mobile care with the S6

  • Real-time glucose monitoring gives you continuous 24-hour care
  • Data never lost, reconnection and upload all automatic
  • Comprehensive statistics and intuitive graphs help you evaluate and improve your glucose control
  • Share glucose information with loved ones or healthcare professionals at your convenience