Medtrum Heroes


I’m so confident going out with my friends! As a diabetic, my mum loves my sensor and pump as she can go to work 12 hour shifts without worrying.

I can also go out on a night out with my friends and she can check over my bloods while I’m sleeping (after drinking alcohol). I now bolus for EVERYTHING I eat and drink. I carb count really well now and I am so much better mentally.

It’s so nice being 18 and finally being able to wear skin-tight dresses like everyone else, the only option with a wired pump is to keep your pump in your tights and that’s not fun!

For the first time in 14-years, I can finally go to a waterpark, I’ve been on a pump since I was 4 and my old pump wasn’t waterproof, now I can wear my pump in the shower or go on a ride.

Thank you Medtrum for existing. The customer service is amazing, and my pump and sensor have given me freedom. Thank you

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