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When it came to replacing my pump this time round I chose the Medtrum from those on offer and am really happy I did. The patch is small and discrete and can be placed in more places than my previous pump. Once started everything is controlled by the PDM (which my 18 month old grandson thinks is a phone!) or an app on the mobile phone. It gives a clear visual display of the results which encourages me to try and keep my sugars within the target area. Another big advantage is the data is automatically uploaded to the website so no having to remember to do it regularly.

Having gotten used to the Medtrum patch pump and PDM I chose to self fund the Medtrum CGM as well. Part of the reason was to reduce the number of times I had to do finger prick tests although my kids and even my grandson enjoy doing them on me and know the routine. The big reason for the CGM though was to see the gaps in between blood tests to get a better idea of what my body is doing. A great feature with this is the CGM's ability to predict a hypo and stop the pump and then restart it when the blood sugars start going up. This has stopped some overnight hypos and the first I know of it is when I read the PDM alerts in the morning.

The Medtrum pump and CGM have given me more freedom and faith in how my diabetes is being managed and if it can cope with my grandson I am confident it can cope with anything that it is subjected to!

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